Do You Wish To Get Rid Of "Mommy Guilt"?

I Help Busy Moms Who Want to Meaningfully Connect and Develop Close Bonds with Their Daughters

About Dr. Michelle Deering

My name is Dr. Michelle Deering. I am a mother-daughter relationship personal trainer, writer, and speaker who encourages, empowers, and equips women to connect intentionally so they can improve relationally.

My work is dedicated to you.

I know how important it is to have a close confidant that both listens and speaks; that sister or mom whose open ear and well-timed words strengthen and encourage you to know your worth and to keep pressing forward.

Though we may not have met in person yet, I hope to be a life-giving part of your journey. 

As Seen On

Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer

Moms with Tween/Teen Daughters

We guide you through a process of pausing to consider℠ where your mother-daughter relationship is, where you are in it, where you desire it to be, and what steps to take to get there.

Relationships with Your Own Mom

As your Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, you will have consultative access to my nearly 20 years of experience working with moms to help them understand and fix their relationship.

Mother Daughter Connections TM

What if you could hang out with an expertly trained and compassionate mom, ask her any questions or share any concerns you had about your relationship with your daughter; then take an insight or two to transform your mother-daughter relationship?   

That’s what we do each week on the Mother Daughter Connections™ Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Michelle Deering –– Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, best-selling author/speaker, CEO, and mother of twin daughters –– every episode is an honest in-depth look at how to navigate the journey of motherhood and the complex terrain of the mother-daughter relationship–the good, the bad, and the pulling-your-hair-out aspects of being a mom. 

The goal is to help you rebuild, restore, and renew the foundation of your relationship in this special place–your space–with Mother Daughter Connections™.


What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters

Wishing – you had less tension in your mother-daughter relationship?

Desiring – to be closer with your daughter?

In What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters, I guide you through my patented framework (The Life Mirror Remedy™) in a way that’s conversational and affirming.

My childhood was full of criticism and abuse.

In my book, I bring together my experiences as a daughter, mother of twin daughters, and licensed psychologist as I look into the mirror of my life and reflect on the struggles I have experienced as well as the difficulties that my clients and I have overcome.

Healthy Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Possible.

I know you desire to be affirmed and understood.

As you read, you’ll learn strategies from decades of personal and clinical stories research, with a dash of humor. If you want to transform your mother-daughter relationship, then this book is for you. Buy your copy today!


Blogging is a way for me to pause, consider, and share with my readers thoughts I have about aspects of being a daughter, woman, mom, and mother of daughters. I want moms & daughters to know that they are heard, understood, and supported in their mother-daughter relationship journey. Writing a blog is my way of giving moms time-tested, research-based, psych-informed tools and strategies that will help transform their relationship with their daughter.

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