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Dr. Michelle Deering

Sports Psychologist – Keynote Speaker – Clinical Psychologist

“If you’re in it, I’m in it. If you’re not in it, I’m still in it”


What Past Clients Say:

Shawn Tucker

Associate Director of Athletics at Rutgers University

“The Rutgers Leadership Academy had the distinct honor having Dr. Michelle Deering serve as one of our panelist for the Careers in Psychology and Sociology Panel. Dr. Deering was extremely engaging and communicated very well to our student-athletes throughout the evening. Very professional in every aspect and it was a joy having her a part of such a special event for the Rutgers University Student-Athletes.”

Matthew Noel

Account Manager

“Dr. Deering was on our leadership team for our Youth In Action sports camp (& delivered training presentations)… She was able to connect with folks across the spectrum and lead interactive discussion sessions that engaged everyone. She did this through stories, some of which leaned on her personal experience of being a player in various sports, coach and referee as well as her education pedigree. Teaching people empathy and inspiring people how to relate and connect with others is no small task, but (Dr. Deering) did it with humor and graciousness.”

Micaiah Corley

Certified Athletic Trainer

Michelle worked very closely with several of the Rutgers University student-athletes during her tenure at Rutgers University. While providing psych services to our athletes, Michelle demonstrated a keen understanding of the academic and athletic stresses placed on these athletes, provide extremely helpful coping mechanisms and communicated very effectively with both the student-athletes and approved support staff. I would highly recommend her services to others.

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