3 Clues To Avoid Burnout Without Having To Stop Doing Everything

These 3 clues, that I’m about to share, are indicators that you may be on the road to burnout. Addressing these 3 clues to avoid burnout can save your life. Check them out!


Clue #1: Tyranny Of The Urgent

This clue is all about the fact that you are on your way towards burnout if you buy into the expectation that everything has to be done by you. Trying to meet this expectation will result in your living a life in the “tyranny of the urgent.”


The most important thing to understand with this clue is if you believe that nothing will get done unless you do it, then you are prone to take on more responsibility for tasks that could delegated instead. Imagine what it would feel like if that burden of responsibility were not on your shoulders.


If you have tween or teen children and they have – assuming you’ve given them – chores to do, then why not let them do their chores (instead of picking up after them when they don’t do it)?


Being aware of this clue – living in the tyranny of the urgent–is key for every mom because if you take on more than you can handle, then you’ll feel the negative effects mentally, emotionally, and physically. And if you allow yourself to get that drained, then how will that affect your interactions with your children?


So, instead of trying to do everything for everyone, try pick no more than three priorities that you will focus on for a short season. Let those top three priorities guide what you decide to do and not do or  what to take on or not take on responsibility-wise.


Clue #2: Looking To The Future

Here’s the big thing to understand – worrying about things over which you have no control will increase your stress level. PERIOD.


This is important to take to heart because if you continue to think about things you cannot control, then that worry can “take your heart.” you will put yourself in a state of hyper-alert.


This clue is critical for you as a mom because having your body – of which your heart is a vital organ — in a state of hyper-alert increases your adrenal glands production of the stress hormone, cortisol.


Cortisol at high levels will negatively affect not just your mental state but also your heart rate and ultimately your physical state. It’s like running a car engine nonstop (even while stationary). The end result will be it not only running out of gas, but also potentially ruining the engine in the process.


And if you deplete your “engine” (e.g. body) that way, then you really won’t have the vital energy you need for daily tasks and interacting with your family.


So, for the increasing the chances of your avoiding burnout, you should start to focus only on what you can control. For example, start now to focus your attention and actions to things in the moment and just deal with what’s right in front of you. Period.


Clue #3: Excluding Your Emotions

Here’s what you need to understand about this clue: you are at risk of burning out if you have a pattern of not attending to your emotions.


Attending to your emotions means owning up to what you’re really feeling about something or someone.


As a mom, this is critical for your relationships with your children; especially your daughter for whom you are modeling life as a mom.


When you’re not admitting to your real feelings, then you are either bottling them up or ignoring them. Doing either one of those may “keep the peace” in the short-term. However, eventually, in the long-term you’ll end up either exploding or feeling resentful; both of which end will end up causing more arguments and putting a huge stressor on you and your relationship with your family members.


So now the thing for you to do is to engage with your real feelings and come to terms with what they are. Doing this will help you regain control of your life and move in the direction of decreasing your stress, blow ups, and potential burnout.



So there you have it! 3 clues of things to avoid so that you do not burnout. 

Clue #1: Tyranny Of The Urgent

Clue #2: Looking To The Future

Clue #3: Excluding Your Emotions


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