How To Have Healthy Boundaries In Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

When some people think of what a mother-daughter relationship should be, they think of the word, “close.” However, the main prerequisite for a thriving mother-daughter relationship is that it has healthy boundaries. BOUNDARIES DEFINED   A boundary is a demarcation line between one entity and other. It is that “line” which indicates where something begins…and ends. […]
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Mother’s Day: Self-Care Tips For Adult Daughters Who Have A Strained Relationship With Their Mom

Adult daughters don’t always get the time and attention they need for self-care. This is especially true when it comes to Mother’s Day approaches. The situation can be quite precarious if an adult daughter’s relationship with her mom is strained or estranged. My Mom’s Unintentional Advice In her Jamaican patois (pronounced: “patwah”) accent, my mom […]