My mom and I were estranged. People look (and still look) at me strangely when I tell them I didn’t go wedding dress shopping with my mom. Am I a bad daughter because of that? No. Why? Because I was being responsible to keep myself safe. Safety is something every daughter needs. And when a […]

Money Matters, Moms, & Daughters: 4 Principles Every Mom Needs to Make Sure Her Daughter Learns

There is this saying, “money does not grow on trees.” Well, it grows out of ATMs. At least that’s least how things are going in our age of technology. Our daughters used to think that when they were little. However, over the last 20 years, their thinking has evolved from being oblivious to taking ownership […]

The Top 2 Problematic Mother Daughter Relationship Patterns

There are 4 distinctive patterns of interactions that mothers and daughters display, but here are the two most common relational patterns with mother daughter relationships that I have come across. You can read about all 4 patterns in my book, ‘What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters.’ Pattern #1: Mom-In-Daughter™ Relationship There are common statements mothers […]