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IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MY MOTHER DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP PERSONAL TRAINING SERVICES,  DO NOT USE THIS CONTACT FORM. Instead, please refer to the Home Page of my site and use the appropriate button there to inquire about these services. [NOTE: Inquiries about mother-daughter relationship personal training services through this Contact Form will not be answered.] 

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...purchased an online course/product and have not yet gotten an email from me, then follow the directions on your purchase receipt with the appropriate Subject Line.

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-- a mental health professional seeking information about my EMDR consultation services for clinicians, then please visit and contact me using the information on that site.

-- looking for Therapy and/or Sport Psychology services, you may visit for more information.

If you have a general question (that does not fall into the above-referenced categories) or you are a member of the press or media outlet/platform, you may use the form below to contact me.

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