Creating A Career During Corona(virus) Crisis

Are you an unemployed mom? Do you need to get find a career, but you feel like the coronavirus—and maybe potential employers—are conspiring against you and sabotaging your success?

Do you have questions about creating a career or maybe you need some tools to help you?

Well look no further because this article will give you the steps you need to find answers and solutions, without you having to just settle for something don’t like. Best of all, these 4 goodies will put you on the fast-track to creating career success for you right now.

Steps #1: Listen to your heart

heart monitorThis step is important because, if you’re really honest with yourself, you know your heart is not happy right now. And if you, in your heart of hearts, are not happy, then that will

  • Put extra stress and strain on your whole body
  • Permeate everything that you do at work and with your family

Here’s how you use this step. Take a moment—in a private place like the bathroom—to sit down. Place your hands over your heart. Breathe. Allow your body to settle down. Then focus your attention on your heart area and ask yourself the question: “What do I really enjoy doing?”

The key here is: Do not judge your response. Listen to your heart.

If you “hear nothing,” that just means that you are judging yourself. Know that you are such a precious gift to the world and needs you. Don’t squelch you. Set your heart free to speak to you. Listen to your heart.

Steps #2: Look for a themed thread

needle threadsThis step is critical to your success because, when your heart begins to speak it may say several things. And you’ll want to write it all down. After you’ve written it out, then step back and look at it all. You will notice some themes.

This thread is what you’ll use to create the fabric of your (new) career.

Here’s how: Look for themes regarding your

  • Skills
  • Senses
  • Situations

This will help you begin the next step.

Steps #3: Lay out a plan

coffee planning
Green Chameleon | Unsplash

There is a process for laying out a plan. Look for possible environments where you can engage your skill, senses, and/or situational experiences on a more consistent basis. And if you can’t identify an environment, you can always create your own.

This means you will need to do some research into what resources and steps will be needed to create your (new) career.

In either scenario, you will need to go onto the next step.

Steps #4: Launch your foot into your first step

moon walkYou need to actually do this step because a plan is just a dream if you don’t direct action.

Here’s what I mean: If you’re at Point A and your desired (new) career is Point E, then there are steps (B, C, and D) that you will need to take to get there. You can’t just “wish it” into existence.

Taking your first step—whatever it may be—in the direction of your (new) career is the process of creating the career that will make your heart happy.

This represents just a summary of the steps unemployed moms need to take when it comes to creating a (new) career. With the consequences of ignoring this advice ranging from weeks of wasted effort to increased dissatisfaction and stress, use this time to pause and consider yourself in this area of your life. You and your family will be glad that you did.

By the way, this article is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a career! Feel you need more help? I am here.


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