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If you have daughters, you’ve had at least one person say that they are going to be difficult in their teenage years. There are so many cultural stereotypes around teenage girls…How do we raise girls who will break this stereotype?

In this episode, mother-daughter relationship personal trainer, Dr. Michelle Deering returns, and she reveals how to respond to negative opinions about mother-daughter experiences.

HOST: Dana Malstaff, Boss Mom® Podcast 


Author and friend, Dr. Michelle Deering is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate, and generous people I know. When it comes to effectively leading yourself and others, it all begins and ends with relationships. That’s what Dr. Deering and I dive into here, along with issues of race and diversity.

In today’s episode, Dr. Deering and I explore:

  • How unresolved conflict manifests itself and what to do about it
  • Some of the things that influence our ability to honestly communicate
  • I’ll be asking her some race-related questions submitted by you…
  • And lots more!

HOST: Jeff Brown, Read To Lead Podcast

Listen in as Michelle shares what the mother/daughter connection is and how to nurture yours.

HOST: Krista Lockwood, Motherhood Simplified Podcast

How do you want to improve and nurture a meaningful connection with your daughter/s? We all know what it’s like. It starts with a vision of what you want your relationship to look like. Then years later, your teenage daughter starts slamming doors and she hates you. They’re 18 all of a sudden – and you know nothing. One of the most essential things that helped me establish a more loving and accepting connection with my daughter is by making that choice to empower my daughter to have a voice. And Dr. Michelle Deering has helped me transform the way I connect with my daughter.

Today, Michelle is going to shed some light on how you can restore and bring back beautiful relationships with your daughters, which is also applicable to all your other relationships, whether personal or in business. She’s going to discuss the five communication questions to win the room and her impact on the world and relationships in your world will change your life.

HOST: Marissa Nehlsen, Live. Life. Rich. Podcast

The mother-daughter relationship is one with many facets and levels. As a mother to a daughter and a daughter to a mother, I know that there can be discomfort, tension and unhealed wounds in these relationships. I’m so excited to welcome Dr. Michelle Deering to the podcast to discuss these relationships and how we can learn from them as both mothers and daughters.

HOST: Kendra Hennessy, Mother Like A Boss Podcast

...and MANY more!