How To Calm Down: 5 Tips For Busy Moms

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Today, it can be very hard for busy moms to calm down. In fact, research shows that nearly 25% of all new moms experience some form of anxiety about motherhood.  And the number is steadily increasing.

The health and wellness industry is replete with a myriad of options for helping women calm down. From exercise to spa excursions, from massages to medication, these methods address ways to help your body adapt to states of anxiety; from the “outside-in.”

However, I’d be remiss if I were not to mention another way to approach creating calm in your life…from the inside-out.

If you’re a busy mom, the process of creating calm in your life will involve your being…

Clear about your core. (Tip #1)

Turn your attention to admitting to or rediscovering what makes you tick.



Write your thoughts briefly in a journal as you consider obvious recurring examples of how you thought felt or reacted to different life situations.

Be honest about your past, evaluate your present, and name your goals for the future.

Affirming of your affect. (Tip #2)

journalingAs you are journaling, knowing that affect (feelings) are going to surface. Be honest about what your feelings are regarding each situation.

Know that actively forming productive expressive outlets for your feelings can help you transition to a calmed down state of being.

Leveraged towards your legacy. (Tip #3)

mom and daughters happyWhen you get clear about your core and affirm how you really feel about your (past and present) life, you can then genuinely address you legacy.

Consider what 1, 2, or 3 things you want your daughter to remember about you. Then take intentional steps to consistently infuse that into everything you do.

Notice that I didn’t say “into everything you do with her.” Why? Because more things are caught than taught when it comes to what children learn from their mom.

Mindful of your moments. (Tip #4)

Your intended legacy goals will now help you be more present and mindful about the moments.  It is so easy for us moms to get so wrapped up and bogged down in a slew of schedules, activities, homework, dinner, etc. There is so much to do!

And it is so easy to lose sight of the fact that we typically only have them officially under our roof for 18 years. That’s not a lot of time.

Taking steps to be more mindful of the moments with your daughter will help both you and your daughter. It will provide you both with a foundation of connection to return to as you each transition through different life stages.

Mature about your mistakes. (Tips #5)

Being a mom is synonymous with making mistakes. Actually, that’s part of being human. Your daughter doesn’t need you to be perfect. She needs you to have a balanced view of your imperfection so that she will know how to handle her own.

So, being mature about your mistakes—not hiding but owning and learning from them—will go a long way to helping you calm down. This, in turn, will help your relationship with your daughter in the short- and long-run.



If you need help with creating calm in your life, then click HERE. Help is only a brief phone call away!


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