How To Create Calm Amidst The Covid Crisis


If you’re a mom with kids at home and your #1 desire is to decrease the chaos and create calm amidst the Covid crisis, then pay careful attention to this secret.

The Secret To Create Calm Amidst Covid:  Creates Space.

The important thing for working moms with kids at home to understand is that…

you need to adjust your expectations.

Your expectations are too high for yourself during this time.

Creating mental and emotional space for yourself will help you create the inner calm you need. This will in turn help you approach your children’s needs more effectively. 

Let’s face it, when you’re stressed out and overwhelmed, no matter how much you “hide it” your kids pick up on it. It’ll be okay though. It’s just important to realize that everyone deals with stress differently.

What’s important for you to know about this secret is that that

you don’t have to do everything

for everyone.

You really need to understand and grasp this. Why? Because this truth will help you not feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Additionally, it will give you — and your kids — the space you need to get your own work done and for your children to get their schoolwork done.

To get started in grasping this truth, you will need to:

  • consider what your core expectation is for yourself and your kids
  • think of an alternative, different, or smaller possible scenario for that expectation

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