Dr. Michelle Deering   

A Warm Welcome To You!

Dr. Michelle Deering

I’ve struggled with feeling... I’m not enough.

But I made adjustments...and now value my own uniqueness.

What I Do & Who I Help

My name is Dr. Michelle Deering. So glad you are visiting my website.

I am a mother-daughter relationship personal trainer, writer, and speaker who encourages, empowers, and equips women to connect intentionally so they can improve relationally.

My work is dedicated to you

I Can Relate...

Like you, I’ve struggled with feeling the guilt, isolation, frustration, and “not enough”-ness. I know what it’s like to feel exasperated about my daughters not listening to me or my tween becoming an “alien” in my house.

But I’ve also experienced how making just a few courageous adjustments in my thought and behavior patterns can change the course of my mother-daughter relationship leading to more interpersonal closeness, connection, and collaboration.

What I've Created For You

That’s why I wrote my book (What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters) & started a motherhood consultation group.

I think every daughter, woman, wife, and mother needs a safe judgement-free space to voice her thoughts, struggles, and triumphs, and to get help when the road gets hard.

I write a blog on topics relating to mother-daughter relationships. You are personally invited to subscribe to my blog via email so that we can keep in touch. [Just write "Subscribe" in the Subject Line.]

I also facilitate a private Moms' Facebook Group (Mother Daughter Connections) where you can have access to me and a community of moms who desire to have a thriving relationship with their daughters. Sign up to join here

You're Not Alone

Let’s go on this journey – together. 

I know how important it is to have a close confidant that both listens and speaks; that sister or mom whose open ear and well-timed words strengthen and encourage you to know your worth and to keep pressing forward.

Though we may not have met in person yet, I hope to be a life-giving part of your journey.