Wish you could just talk with your daughter without feeling like you’re going to do or say the wrong thing?

Worried you won’t have a close relationship with your daughter?

That underlying worry can make you feel like you’re not able to do ANYTHING right as her mom. So, you try to compensate in order to stay close to her. Your mother-daughter relationship can get so complicated.

  • You want to connect, but you don’t know how. 
  • You worry that you won’t have the kind of close relationship with her as you’d hoped. 
  • You feel frustrated and that keeps you up and fuels feelings of inadequacy as a mom. 

Do You Wrestle with "Mommy Guilt"?​

It’s not just the guilt feeling that you’re too busy trying to keep the ball rolling . . . keeping it all together. 

It’s the guilt of feeling you’re doing something that may “mess up” your daughter.

This guilt — based in a fear — can then stifle out your ability to be present as her mom.

I’ve been there. I understand.

There is a way for us to work together through a process that will help you

improve your mother-daughter relationship.

Having difficulty handling your Daughter's emotions?

Together We Will:

  • Increase your confidence to navigate the emotional terrain of your daughter’s life transitions
  • Decrease tensions between you and your daughter
  • Build an open relationship where your daughter can come to you

How We Do It:

  • DISC Assessment 
  • The Life Mirror Remedy® (TLMR) Framework instruction
  • Development of MOM SMART GOALS™ for your mother-daughter relationship
  • Private FB Group membership for moms who have daughters

How We Work Together

Active, Non-Judgmental Listening & Socratic Inquiry

You will be guided through a process of pausing to consider℠ where your mother-daughter relationship is, where you are in it, where you desire it to be, and what steps to take to get there.

Seasoned Professional Experience

As your Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, you will have consultative access to my nearly 20 years of experience working with moms to help them understand and fix their mother-daughter relationship.

Psychology-Informed Methodologies 

If you are searching for an effective systematic, evidence-based, yet relationally personable methodology with a personal trainer who truly understands the challenges moms face, then the TLMR® Personal Training Program is just for you.

Are you are looking for a solution?

The Life Mirror Remedy® (TLMR®) Personal Training Program

I work exclusively with you to understand your mother-daughter relationship patterns, uncover your desires for that relationship, and create tailored strategic solutions to improve your relationship with your daughter. 

TLMR® is a 5-step process that I developed in my nearly 20 years of practicing as a licensed psychologist and working with women.

These 5 steps (keys) are grounded in research- and evidence-based psychological principles that

  • See the mother-daughter relationship as foundational to one’s overall well-being
  • Acknowledge the unique complexities of mother-daughter relationships
  • Affirm a mom’s ability to reflect what her daughter needs in order to build a strong trusting relationship with her.

Who Am I?

My background is in being a licensed clinical psychologist (both in NC & NJ) and a board certified sport psychologist.

As your Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, I am uniquely qualified and equipped to help you:

  • Uncover unhealthy patterns of interaction that are sabotaging your desires for closeness.
  • Design and implement conflict resolution strategies for your specific mother-daughter situation.
  • Communicate effectively with others in an honest and healthy way.
  • Build up your confidence as a daughter, woman, wife, and/or mother.

Together, we’ll create a firm foundation upon which you can build thriving healthy relationship with your daughter.


A Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer (MDRPT) is a “personal trainer” who helps you to get your mother-daughter relationship “in shape” – the kind of shape that you’ve identified as being your goal. They – the really good ones, at least—possess not only specialized training but also have personally achieved a demonstrable amount of success in the area of physical fitness and only provide services within the scope of their professional training.

When you think of the fitness industry, a “personal trainer”:

  1. Partners with you to work with you towards your specific fitness goals

  2. Assesses where things currently are for you regarding your overall fitness.

  3. Accounts for any (physical) limitations you may have.

  4. Designs a tailored exercise regimen within a structured (“workout”) program.

  5. Challenges you to incrementally stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.

  6. Provides a source of accountability and encouragement within a safe and affirming environment.

  7. Celebrates your achieved milestones.

Similarly, a Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer (MDRPT) is focused on the “overall fitness” of your relationship with your daughter or mother.

A Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer (MDRPT) has training in 3 main areas:

  1. Psychology education: MDRPTs have earned a doctoral degree in psychology (EdD, PhD, PsyD) from an accredited institution of higher education. This means that they have advanced research-based knowledge of the workings of the human mind, emotions, behaviors, and lifespan development stages.

  2. Clinical service training: MDRPTs have extensive (over a minimum of 3,000 supervised hours of) experience using their psychology training to provide services to the public in the areas of mind, emotions, and behaviors across the spectrum of a person’s lifespan.

  3. Research foundation: MDRPTs are trained and versed in credible research findings regarding human mind, emotions, and behavior patterns.

This kind of training qualifies them to take a national board examination and submit application for licensure to practice psychology in their chosen state in the U.S.

The difference is in the Credentials: See “Federal & State Regulations” below.

Federal & State Regulations:

While the position/designation of Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer (MDRPT) is not regulated by any known federal or state laws per se, the base of their psychology education, clinical service training, and research foundation requires them to (at minimum) possess a state license to practice (offer services to the public) in the area of psychology (e.g. work with a person on mind, emotions, and behavior issues) as a psychologist in that state. The federal and state requirements for licensure are set in place to ensure the safety of the public (For example: defining and regulating what is considered “privileged” and/or “confidential” information.)

“Therapists” are required to possess a state license both in the state in which they provide services and in the state in which their client(s) reside. “Therapists” include psychologists (EdD, PhD, PsyD), psychotherapists/psychoanalysts, marriage & family therapists (LMFT), drug & alcohol counselors (LDAC), clinical social workers (LCSW), professional counselors (LPC).

Coaches” (and the “coaching industry” in general) are not regulated by any federal or state laws. There are no licenses; only “certificates” which can be issued by any individual or private organization. There is no one governing body and no clearly identified path of (psychology) education, (service)training, or research foundation; thus anyone can designate themselves a “coach.”

Consultants” (and the “consulting industry” in general) are not regulated by any federal or state laws. There are no licenses; only “certificates” which can be issued by any individual or private organization. There is no one governing body and no clearly identified path of (psychology) education, (service)training, or research foundation; thus anyone can designate themselves a “consultant.”

My professional background is that of being a licensed psychologist. With that qualification (having received my doctoral degree in counseling psychology, completed my post-doctoral training and requisite clinical hours, passed the written national board exam and oral board examination) I am licensed to practice psychology in both New Jersey and North Carolina. [See my Clinical Services information]. I am also nationally board certified, by the American Board of Sport Psychology, as a Sport Psychologist.

As a Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, I bring the following to bear in a personal trainer-trainee arrangement:

  • A psych-informed approach to understanding and instruction regarding human behavior in the mother-daughter relationship.
  • A research-informed infusion of principles and practices when making recommendations for addressing human behavior in the mother-daughter relationship.
  • Experience of seeing and understanding how the approaches, principles, and practices play out in a mother-daughter relationship.

No. As a Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, I provide consultative services to you in the area of your mother-daughter relationship. The consultative services are NOT therapy and do not form a “privileged” relationship with confidentiality. However, because of my personal commitment to provide you with a safe, non-judgmental and no-guilt space, I take your privacy seriously and commit to conduct our arrangement with your privacy in mind.

My primary focus is on you – if you’re a mother or an adult daughter.

If a mom has a daughter under the age of 18, the initial evaluation (which will include a DISC assessment for both mom and daughter) will be done and followed up my meeting with that mom first; and then recommendations will be given for how to best to proceed.

If a mom submits an application for 1:1 program and has a daughter 18 years old or older, then the initial evaluation (which will include a DISC assessment for that mom) and work will be with the mom first, and then recommendations will be given for how to best to proceed.

Moms can register for and join any group program offerings; their adult daughter can also register for and join any group program offerings for an additional fee.