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Your mother-daughter relationship is the foundation
of your personal, parental, and professional success.

When you pause (“stop”) to consider yourself within the context of your relationship with your mom, you begin the process of unblocking the source of guilt unclogging the cycle of self-defeating behaviors and unlocking the door to your true potential.

Such freedom will have a profound effect on how you live life first as a daughter and then as a mom.

The Mother Daughter Connections TM  Show is your community where you are heard and understood.

It will inspire and ignite you to transform your relationship with yourself and your daughter through intentional mothering!

Learn how to create closeness by pausing to consider how you connect. 

No Mother-Daughter Drama

Languish no longer in mommy guilt. Learn to how to empower yourself and your daughter throughout each of your life stages.

Stress less over your mother-daughter interactions. Gain confidence in your parenting ability. Lead effectively both at home and in your workplace.

Be more than a mom…more than a daughter. Be you!

Current Episode

What if you could hang out with a compassionate down-to-earth mom who was also expertly trained as a licensed psychologist, ask her any questions or share any concerns you had about your relationship with your daughter; and then take an insight or two to transform your mother-daughter relationship?  

That’s what happens each week on the Mother Daughter Connections™ Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Michelle Deering –– Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, best-selling author/speaker, CEO, and mother of twin daughters –– every episode is a conversational, honest in-depth look at motherhood and the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship–the good, the bad, and the pulling-your-hair-out aspects of being a mom.

Moms not only rock but also “rock the cradle” of the next generation of leaders; and the Mother-Daughter Connection™ is central to that legacy. Come join the community — the movement — that believes that healthy relationships between mothers and daughters are possible! Get encouragement. Get equipped so you can improve your mother-daughter relationship . . .one connection at a time.

Dr. Deering's Favorite Episodes

Today, I discuss the “Cosmic Pause” of COVID-19 and how it is not totally a negative season in time. It is a time when moms – who may be unemployed, or employed but strapped for cash, or employed but unhappy – can reclaim their dreams. It’s important to know how to deal with “pauses” in life, so I also share a process for how to deal with a “cosmic” pause.

In today’s episode of Mother Daughter Connections™, I briefly discuss:

6 Keys every mom needs to do to effectively P.A.R.E.N.T.™ her daughter.

Thanks for tuning in. Be encouraged!

Today I share about How To Have A M.O.M.M.-Mindset For Business. Specifically, I discuss the Messages that a mother conveys to her daughter about:

Safety Security Satiety … each of which contributes to how a daughter thinks and feels about herself and any of her business career or entrepreneurial pursuits.To

What Listeners Have to Say

“Dr. Deering helps to lead you on a journey to better your relationships and be more thoughtful to those you love. Her soothing voice and guidance make this podcast a must.”

“Dr. Deering gives sound advice and soothes your soul when you feel out of control in moments. She also helps you understand how to have a deeper fruitful relationship, not only with your daughter but in all relationships. Everyone wants to listen in as she and her guests equip you towards better having better relations”

“I love the practical advice and the soothing voice of Dr. Deering. I feel like I can grow into a better mom and woman with her encouragement”​

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