Mother Daughter Consultant

Welcome to my
Mother-Daughter Consultation Services page.

You are not alone.

…if you’ve ever felt
• You’re “walking on eggshells” with your tween daughter
• You can’t say anything right without an argument happening
• You’re daughter is giving you the “silent treatment.”

I hear you.

You’ve had the ‘Noughs.

Ever felt the ‘Noughs?
• That you’re not good enough as a mom or daughter…
• That you don’t do enough for your kids…
• That you don’t get enough quality time with children

I see you.

You wrestle with “The Guilt.”

And it’s not just the guilt of being too busy or too tired and feeling like you can’t keep it all together. It’s the guilt of dreaming.

Dreaming for yourself is something you, as a mom, often put to the side when you have children.

You do your best working hard to keep everything running, while trying not to “lose it.”

Yet somehow, despite all you do, you still feel guilty that all your efforts still fall short; that you don’t measure up…that in some way you’re a missing the mark at being a mother.

This guilt can then stifle out any inclination you may have had to dream about possibilities for yourself as a daughter, woman, wife, or mom.

I understand.

Are you are looking for a solution?


The Life Mirror Remedy® Program
Is Your Answer.

Your desire for a relationship with your daughter that’s
Openly communicative
Close & healthy...

…is achievable.