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Adulting 102

Adulting: Defined? A few months ago, I heard my daughters use the word adulting in a sentence. Adulting. I ever knew the word existed until that moment. Now that my high school seniors are seeing the reality of high college costs, the word “adulting” has crept into their vocabulary. For them “adulting” is doing tasks […]
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Succeeding In College: 3 Skills Your Kids Needs

Succeeding in college is what most moms want for their daughter. Still the prospect of your baby going off to school can bring up so many emotions. A variety of things could happen while she is away at college. Thoughts of “what ifs” can trigger your natural instinct to protect you daughter at all costs. […]
Stop Arguing With Your Daughter

5 Steps To Stop Arguing With Your Daughter

Do You Argue With Your Daughter? Ever say “one thing” to your daughter and, before you know it, you find that you are unable to stop arguing with your daughter? Like the world war splattering of shots, explosions, shrapnel, and tear gas (with even some crying at times) words, stares, and body language become an […]
Connecting With Teens Starts When They Are Infants

Connecting With Teens Starts When They Are Infants

For those of you who are parents of infants, you may be wondering, “What do any of the ‘parenting teens’ pointers have to do with me?” Well, I am glad that you are wondering about those things because much of what you do during infancy lays a foundation for later dynamics during the teen years.
Learning to Listen to Your Teen

Learning to Listen to Your Teen

Many parents of teenagers think their teens don't listen to them. While a teen's "selective" listening can be frustrating, the complaint most teens express (in therapy or another "safe place") is that they don't feel their parents are listening to them.
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