Teen Girls: Social Anxiety, Beauty, & Body Image (Part 1 of 2).

Today’s tween and teen girls are bombarded by images that can make them experience social anxiety about the beauty of their body image.


You may (or may not) have heard the Shakespearian-influenced saying:

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

That saying means that what one person may consider to be beautiful another person may not consider to be beautiful. In essence, beauty is a matter of personal taste. And someone’s personal taste can change and shift from moment to moment.


there’s no one set standard of beauty that holds true for everyone.

And even if everyone agreed that one particular thing is beautiful, you could safely bet that each person would identify a different aspect of that thing as being the reason for it being beautiful to them.

For example, those who’ve been to the Grand Canyon say that it is a beautiful place to see. However, if you asked each Grand Canyon visitor why they said that, they’d each cite a different aspect: the mountains, the expanse, the colors at sunrise, the rapids, etc. There is an aspect of the Grand Canyon that each person pinpoints as encapsulating its beauty.


You can consult with a dictionary. There you will find that beauty is a noun. It means: a quality in someone or a thing that gives pleasure; or an excellent or appealing quality.

However, when it comes to you, daughter, I believe it’s really important for you start at the beginning – your beginning. You need to start at the beginning in order to understand beauty…your beauty.

Regardless of the circumstances under which and into which you were born, there was this moment when your mom:

  • heard you…and her heart leaped
  • saw you…and her eyes widened
  • understood you had arrived…as the doctors laid you on her chest

The very sight of you evoked within your mom feelings of awe, wonder, and amazement at your beauty.

No matter how wrinkly or smudgy, long or pudgy, or tiny or big, bald or curdy-headed or whatever else you were, to her you were beautiful.

Your beauty started with your being.

And your simply being (you) 

  • captivated hearts that cared for and carried you.
  • mesmerized minds of those who sought to provide for and give to you.

You didn’t have to do anything.

All you had to do was simply be.

This is a foundational thought that you need to hone in on when it comes to all things beauty-related.

Your beauty started with your being you.


Now, if you’re a tween, teen, young adult, or adult daughter and this is a hard concept for you grasp, know that you’re not alone.

There are underlying reasons for what makes it hard for you to accept and own your beauty.

Read this blog to learn more and start your healing journey towards loving all of you.

For Daughters:

In the meantime, if you’re a young daughter reading this, then let me know if you are having a hard time with beauty, your body image, and/or seeing yourself as beautiful. Just email me:


Subject Line: Beauty

I’ll personally respond to you.

For Moms:

If you’re a mom reading this and you’re not sure how to help your daughter deal her body image or how she sees herself beauty-wise, then let me know by filling out my Daughter Talk™ Survey & I’ll answer your question(s) on-air on my podcast, Mother Daughter Connections®.


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