The #1 Secret Every Mom Needs To Know

If you really want to know how to feel guilt-free about your mothering, then pay careful attention to this secret.


The #1 Secret Is: Enough With The ‘noughs


The bottom line with this is whenever you feel yourself thinking that you are either not good enough, not doing enough, or not being enough, you need to rethink that notion because, if you don’t, then it’ll wear on you and make you feel worse..


What’s most important about this secret is that you don’t have to succumb to other people’s opinions about you and your mothering and you can feel better about yourself instead.


Moms need to understand this secret is key because when you feel better about yourself, then you won’t lose time by falling into the trap of overcompensating to “make up” for lost time or some inadequacy, and you’ll be freed up to be (i.e. save time by being) even more fully and genuinely present with your children.

How To Break The ‘Noughs Cycle

Bottom line to breaking the cycle? You should need to

1. Pause.
2. Think about where that “message” (of ‘noughs) came from.
3. Determine if it’s really true.
4. Counter the thought with a more realistic message to tell yourself.

Doing those four steps will actually get you time back.




It’ll reduce the overwhelm you’re feeling by relieving you of the ‘noughs pressure now.


Try it now! Leave your comment to let me know how it goes.

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