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What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters 

By Dr. Michelle Deering
Every day, mothers and daughters face each other desiring to be affirmed and understood. However, their special bond comes with a set of unique challenges that can make interactions difficult. Michelle blends decades of insight and intervention strategies with her personal and clinical stories, research, and humor, as she takes a look at this difficult subject in a compassionate and helpful way. What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters is for expecting, new, and seasoned moms and daughters (ages 16 and up) who want to take their relationship to the next level.
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  • 90% of child sexual abuse victims know their abusers.
  • 48% were sleeping, or performing another activity at home when the sexual assault/abuse occurred.
  • Children are most vulnerable to Childhood Sexual Assault between the ages of 7 and 13.
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About the book

Every day, mothers and daughters face each other desiring to be affirmed and understood. However, their special bond comes with a set of unique challenges that can make interactions difficult. 

In her book, What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters, Dr. Michelle Deering guides you through the 5-Keys that will help you:
Identify the Rifts
in their relationship.
Implement a Remedy
to fix those tensions.
Reap the Rewards
of improved interactions. 
As the daughter of an immigrant single mom, Michelle experienced the effects of having a mom who spent the majority of the time working hard to survive to make ends meet. Expectations were many but unspoken. Family dynamics were volatile and tenuous but not discussed. 
Broken relationships were prevalent in Michelle’s life, but she was determined to earn her doctorate in counseling psychology and become a licensed clinical psychologist.

In this book, Michelle elegantly brings together her experiences as a daughter, mother of twin daughters, and psychologist as she looks into the mirror of her life and reflects on the struggles she has experienced as well as the difficulties that her clients have overcome. She meets her readers as if at a café table, candidly sharing those reflections with insightful clarity that sheds light on their personal situations.

What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters gives you sage strategies and practical tools to help you navigate and improve your mother–daughter relationship.


Nominated for a 2018 Author Academy Award


"As the dad of a teenage daughter, I want to soak up as much information about how to parent her. As a husband, I want to encourage my wife in her relationship with our daughter. As a fatherhood coach, I am always looking for resources for moms and their daughters. Dr. Deering’s book, “What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters,” covers all three of these areas!

Dr. Deering has penned a powerful and practical resource from both the motherhood and professional perspective. Our daughters crave our attention and our trust. Building relationships through connections is the key. Dr. Deering will help show you the way. "

- Mark LaMaster
Author of Friday Light Nights for Fathers and Daughters and Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons

What Women (& Men) Are Saying

"In this raw and honest read, Dr. Deering shows a proven path for reaping great rewards in mother–daughter relationships. Prepare to experience more fulfillment."
Kary Oberbrunner
author of Your Secret Name and Elixir Project
"What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters is a timely book that helps mothers and daughters see each other more clearly and connect with each other more meaningfully. Dr. Deering’s 5-step process takes readers on a journey towards healing."
Jim D. Akers
Author of Amazon #1 New Release Tape Breakers—Maximize Your Impact with People You Love Teams You Lead and Causes that Stir Your Heart
Dr. Michelle Deering's new book What Mother's Never Tell Their Daughters, is the perfect combination of wit, charm, insight, compassion, education, practical how-to's, healing, and spirit! She uses her personal experiences and wisdom as a daughter, mother, and psychologist, in a way that will inspire, nurture, and celebrate, the fullness of what it means to be a woman, despite our imperfections and struggles!! This is a "must-read" for mothers and daughters of all ages, from all walks of life.
Denise Johnson, Ph.D
Radio Host - Spiritual Principles for Emotional Healing -, New Jersey Licensed Psychologist, West Orange, New Jersey
What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters is an incredibly important guide for these times. Dr. Deering has organized her perspectives as Daughter, Mother, and Psychologist in a format that make the read riveting. The flow kept this reader very involved; all the while, thinking of friends, colleagues and patients who would relate to the author’s journey and benefit from her gleaned wisdom. I recommend this book not only to women, but also to men who long for a road map to negotiate relationships with their Mothers, Significant Others, and Children.
Sheila S. Bender, PhD
Licensed NJ Psychologist, Approved Consultant in EMDR, Author: The Energy of Belief: Psychology's Power Tools to Focus Intentions and Release Blocking Beliefs

About the author

Dr. Michelle Deering

Thank you for visiting with me to learn more about my new book. I wrote this book with a desire to help you with the things that are of concern to you regarding your relationship with your mom (if you are a daughter) or daughter (if you are a mom). If you are a mother of a son, the principles and framework covered in this book will benefit you, too. If you are a son or dad looking for something that can help fix strained relationships in the lives of your mom or the woman in your life, respectively, then look no further; this book is for you. Healthy mother-daughter relationships are possible.

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